I was born in March, 1976 in Tehran, Iran. My studies are in Economics, and I received my M.A in Economics from the University of Tehran in 2004. I have been extremely enthusiastic about photography since early 2002, and it eventually changed my perception of the world. As an amateur, I started to get more serious about photography two years ago. I specialize in landscape, documentary and night photography. At first, most of my photos were of landscapes and night photography. More recently, I have become interested in urban, daily life and contemporary issues photography. For now, I am happy being a generalist and making photographs since people and events inspire me. I am very lucky to live in Tehran — a big city with many issues and a huge opportunities for documentary photography. I aim to develop a more personal approach to my photography projects. To me Photography is a large part of my life in most ways. When not working with photography, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family, exploring the natural beauty of Iran, traveling, climbing, skiing and ski mountaineering with friends. However, even then I usually have a camera close at hand.